Christmas is just around the corner! As usual, finding the perfect gift for each of your loved ones can be a real puzzle! But if you have wine enthusiasts in your circle and you've landed on our page, then it's a sign – we have plenty of great ideas. So, why not opt for gifts that are not only guaranteed to please but also fun and educational?

Here's our top 5 to spoil your family, friends, or any wine lover you hold dear!

Wine grapes flashcards: our latest addition 

Do you know a wine enthusiast or a wine student looking to enhance their knowledge of grape varieties worldwide? These flashcards are perfect for them! This educational and entertaining set allows one to learn and memorise 100 prominent grape varieties from around the globe!


Tasting notebook: the indispensable companion for recording all your notes

Every wine lover likes to keep track of their discoveries and especially their gems! Gift them our tasting notebook, where they can record their impressions, note their favorites, and, in a way, trace their journey through the vineyards! It's the perfect gift for an epicurean who savours each sip as a sensory adventure!



 Wine quiz book: test your general knowledge! Warning: it's tough, hey hey!

Learning is good, but testing yourself is essential! And it's perfect timing because we offer an educational wine quiz book! Prefaced by Pascaline Lepeltier herself, it's the perfect gift to challenge oneself with over a thousand questions on viticulture, winemaking, aging, world wines, and tasting!


Our educational atlas of world wine maps

With 110 detailed wine maps depicting climates, soils, grape varieties, appellations, and wine colours, guides on soils, climates, and wine classifications in each country, an ampelographic guide on the profile of 270 grape varieties – it's a playful and colourful 200-page atlas covering everything you need to know about wine regions in a concise and visual manner! The bonus? It comes with blank maps for practice! Our best-seller, the ideal tool to prepare for your wine exam! 



Amble Wine gift card: you want to please, but you want to give a choice!

But Amble Wine is not just that – it's workbooks for France, Italy, Spain, or Switzerland to practise wine of a targeted country. It's blind wine tasting sets from around the world! You'll surely find a gift to offer, and don't hesitate to contact our team if you have questions – we strive to respond within the day, no matter your request!


Alexandra Latrille