World wine map workbooks

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Wine level: intermediate to advanced

You are a wine enthusiast or a wine student (WSET, CMS) looking to practise wine maps of the entire world? These workbooks are for you!

1 → The book: "Explore wine maps: World Edition"

A 200-page atlas gathering everything you need to know about wine regions in a visual and simple way.

• 110 detailed wine maps with appellations and their wine colours, climates, soils and grape varieties

• Infographics on soils, climates, wine classifications in each country

• An ampelographic guide on 270 grape varieties

2 → The empty workbook: "Practise wine maps: World Edition"

You also feel that the best way to memorise information is to practise? Complementary to the atlas, this workbook is what you need:

• 110 empty wine maps

• A light and friendly format, A4 spiral

Countries included: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United States

This edition includes all maps and information of individual country workbooks. 

We're quality-focused!

 100 % recycled paper and vegetable-based ink

• Printed in France

• Created by Lea Gatinois DipWSET (WSET level 4)

• A4 format

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I bought the world books and I am delighted. Very well documented, beautifully illustrated.
— Marie O.
High quality & original products! I learn a lot while having fun. Congrats for the eco-friendly printing!
— Paul H.
The graphics of the books are beautiful. They were a great help to me for WSET 3 revisions.
— Marine Q.
I bought the French and Spanish wine map workbooks. I love them!
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I bought three books and they are very easy to learn wine with. The founder is also very friendly.
— Josi
The workbooks are really informative!
I love the graphics and the colors!
— Jessica C.
Super happy with my purchase, the book with the maps and the quiz book are amazing.
— Jorge P.
Recently bought 'Explore wine maps' to prepare for WSET Diploma - looks like an amazing resource!
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