Grape variety flashcards


Wine level: intermediate to advanced

You are a wine enthusiast or a wine student (WSET, CMS) looking to practise grape varieties of the world? These flashcards are for you!

Flashcards "Practise grape varieties: 100 flashcards of the world's key grape varieties"

A fun educational game of flashcards to help you learn and remember 100 iconic grape varieties of the world!

 Front side. The name and a drawing of the grape variety.

 Back side. Information about the grape variety, including vine characteristics, wine profile, wine styles in flagship regions all over the world.

How to play?

1. Draw a flashcard.

2. On the front side, read the name of the grape variety and try to recall its information: vine characteristics, wine profile, flagship regions and their wine styles.

3. Another option: on the back side, read the information and guess the name of the grape variety.

4. Flip the card and check your answers

5. Keep drawing cards to test your knowledge!


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