About us

Our story


It's the story of a girl from Bordeaux (Léa, that's me) who, after studying hotel management in Switzerland, started a job in Germany in digital marketing.

I didn't know much about wine at that time, but during a trip to Mosel, I fell in love with riesling, thanks to two producers: Von Hövel and Van Volxem.

...8 months later, I decided to come back to Bordeaux to specialise in the wine industry, which led to a Master's degree at Kedge Wine School and WSET 3.


Alongside professional experiences in France and Switzerland, I started the WSET 4 (Diploma).

One question kept coming up: how could I learn everything about wine? Impossible. So what should I focus on? How to retain the info in a long-lasting way?

Amble Wine was born in May 2020, with one purpose: promote this wine culture I was so passionate about and make it more fun and accessible. The mission: create practical and friendly educational tools that condense wine knowledge. I started to design all tools from scratch.

2021 and beyond

Gradually, Amble Wine developed! The first workbooks, then wine maps, blind tasting boxes... In addition to our ecommerce, we started to build partnerships, and so our products could be found physically in France, USA, UK, Switzerland and Sweden.

We are now 3 full-time members in the team, sharing the same values.

We also joined Bernard Magrez x UNITEC incubator in 2022, and BBD Edition publishing house in 2023.

And we are convinced that the best is yet to come!

Our team

Léa Gatinois DIpWSET

I founded Amble Wine in 2020 at the age of 26. In addition to the management of Amble Wine, I also write and design our tools.


Alexandra Latrille team amble wine digital marketing manager

Alexandra Latrille

After ten years in the food and pharmaceutical industry, driven by my passion for wine, I joined Amble Wine as a marketing manager.


Claire Pinsolle

With a WSET3 certification and a 10-year journey in wine sales and marketing, I am now in charge of the business development of Amble Wine.


Our values


Our priority is the personal development of each individual in a caring environment.


The respect of our ecosystem is at the heart of our decisions.


We are detail-oriented and constantly strive to improve our products and services.


We cultivate curiosity and perseverance on a daily basis.