What are the wine colours?

  • 80% reds
  • 10% rosés
  • 10% whites

What are the grape varieties?

  • 55% grenache
  • 10% syrah
  • 10% mourvèdre
  • 25% others


More on Southern Rhône Valley wine region

The Southern Rhône Valley wine region covers an area of ​​more than 70,000 hectares of vines around the Rhône and its tributaries. It represents the vast majority of the production of the Rhône Valley.

The climate is warm mediterranean (hot and dry summer, rain in winter, low continentality, average temperature between 18.5°C and 21°C during the vine growing season).

The area is lower and flatter than in the Northern Rhône Valley. Vineyards are exposed to the mistral, a strong northerly wind, dry and cold, which brings freshness and reduces the risk of disease.

Léa Gatinois DipWSET