What is the style of wine?

  • 100% sweet white whites

What are the grape varieties?

    • 70% sémillon
    • 25% sauvignon blanc
    • 5% muscadelle

    What is Sauternes?

    Sauternes is the name of both a town and an appellation located in southwest France, an hour’s drive southeast of Bordeaux.

    The climate is moderate maritime.

    The Ciron, a cold river, meets the Garonne, which is warmer, creating a morning fog which causes the development of noble rot (Botrytis cinerea) on the grapes.

     Fog dissipates in sunny autumn afternoons. Sun dries out the botrytised berries, preventing a harmful transformation of the rot. The grapes lose water, which concentrates remaining sugar, aromas and acidity.

    Léa Gatinois DipWSET