What are the wine colours?

  • 40% rosés
  • 20% reds
  • 20% sparkings
  • 20% whites

What are the grape varieties?

  • 40% cabernet franc
  • 30% chenin
  • 10% grolleau
  • 10% cabernet sauvignon
  • 20% others 

More on Anjou-Saumur wine region

Anjou-Samur wine region is located in the Loire Valley, in western France.

The climate is cool maritime. Continental influence increases as we move east near Saumur, resulting in lower humidity, colder winters and hotter summers.

The two main grape varieties are cabernet franc and chenin blanc.

There are around 2,000 winegrowers in Anjou-Saumur, 5 cooperatives and 45 merchants, producing more than 180 million bottles per year.

Léa Gatinois DipWSET