Basket press

A basket press is a traditional mechanical press that is used to extract juice from grapes or other fruits. It consists of a large, cylindrical basket that is filled with crushed grapes, and a horizontal plate is lowered onto the grapes to apply pressure. The juice is then extracted through small holes in the bottom of the basket.

Pneumatic press

A pneumatic press on the other hand, uses air pressure to extract juice from grapes or other fruits. The grapes are placed in a bladder or a membrane inside the press. Air is then pressurised into the bladder or membrane, which pushes the grapes against a perforated surface, extracting the juice. Pneumatic presses are considered to be more gentle and efficient than basket presses as the pressure can be adjusted more precisely and it applies a more consistent pressure on the grapes, which can lead to a higher juice yield and less harsh tannins in the wine.

Lea Gatinois DipWSET