What are the wine colours?

  • 60% whites
  • 40% reds

What are the grape varieties?

  • 10% pinot grigio
  • 10% schiava
  • 10% gewürztraminer
  • 10% pinot blanc
  • 10% chardonnay
  • 10% pinot noir
  • 10% lagrein
  • 10% sauvignon blanc
  • 20% others

What is Alto Adige?

A mediterranean sun and an alpine scenery: welcome to Alto Adige, northern Italy!

The climate is moderate continental. Summer is short and rainy, continentality is high (temperature difference between the hottest and coldest months), average temperature is between 16.5°C and 18.5°C during vine growing season.

 Vineyards at higher altitudes, on very steep slopes, are cooler. Sauvignon blanc and pinot noir, among others, thrive in these sites, producing elegant wines with subtle aromas.

The regional DOC is Alto Adige (Italian) or Südtiroler (German) reflecting the history of the region, which used to be Austrian.


Léa Gatinois DipWSET