What are the styles of wine?

  • 55% medium-sweet
  • 30% dry
  • 15% sweet

What are the grape varieties?

  • 60% furmint
  • 25% harslevelu
  • 15% sarga muskotaly

What is Tokaj?

Tokaj is a wine-growing region located in the northeast of Hungary.

It was famous since the 16th century for its sweet wines, but suffered from the period of communism in the 20th century, focusing on quantity over quality.

The climate is moderate continental (short and rainy summer, high continentality, average temperature between 16.5°C  and 18.5°C during the vine growing season).

Local winemakers produce a variety of wine styles from the three major grape varieties. The most famous sweet wines are, from the most concentrated to the lightest: Eszencia (very rare), Aszu, Szamorodni, Late Harvest. They are often made from grapes affected by noble rot. Medium-sweet wines and dry wines are also produced.

Léa Gatinois DipWSET