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The Vino Academy

Anne-Laure, a true wine enthusiast for over 10 years, created Vino Lovers in 2018 to make the world of wine less intimidating and accessible to everyone. Her friendly approach to online wine education is appreciated by over 35,000 people on YouTube and 17,000 people on Instagram.

Enjoy lifetime access to 13 video course modules

  • Introduction to oenology
  • Introduction to wine tasting
  • Food and wine pairing
  • Serving wine and managing your cellar

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Content of the Vino Academy

Introduction to oenology

Module 1 – From Vine to Wine

How fermentation occurs to produce alcohol

The annual cycle of the vine: what happens in the vineyard throughout the year

The concept of grape variety

The concept of terroir

The main categories of wine

Module 2 – Understanding Wine

The production of red, rosé, and dry white wines

The production of sweet wines

The production of sparkling wines (with a focus on Champagne)

Different bottle formats and shapes, and types of closures

Module 3 – French Wine Regions and Grape Varieties

Wine-producing regions in France

Wine styles produced in these regions

The main grape varieties used in France and their profiles

Module 4 – Decoding the Label of a Wine Bottle

Important information on a wine label

The classification of wines in France (AOC, IGP, Vin de France)

Understanding the differences between Crus Bourgeois, Grands Crus Classés, Premiers Crus, etc.

Introduction to wine tasting

Module 1 – Principles of Tasting

The 3 simple steps to properly taste wine

How to prepare yourself for tasting under optimal conditions

Specificities to consider for different types of wine being tasted

Introduction to the tasting sheet: a tool to guide you

Module 2 – Visual Analysis

How to observe and describe the color of wine

Other criteria to observe, such as color intensity, clarity, brightness

The significance of these elements in the context of tasting

Module 3 – Olfactory Analysis

Understanding how our sense of smell works

The major aroma families to be familiar with

The method to follow for an efficient olfactory analysis

Tips to help you recognise aromas in your glass

Module 4 – Gustatory Analysis

How our palate functions in tasting

Key elements of tasting: tannins, alcohol, sugar, acidity, complexity, and intensity of flavours

The technique for tasting wine

Vocabulary to accurately describe wine

Module 5 – Evaluating Wine Quality

Key criteria for assessing wine quality

Objective evaluation of wine

Common wine faults and how to recognise them

Food and wine pairings

Module 1 – Understanding Food and Wine Pairings

How the chemistry between wine and food works

Properly balancing a dish with a wine

The order of wine service during a meal

Food and wine pairings that do not work, and common pitfalls to avoid

Module 2 – Creating Successful Pairings

Which wines to serve for the aperitif

Which wines to serve with appetisers

Which wines to pair with fish or seafood dishes

Which wines to pair with meat or charcuterie dishes

Which wines to pair with cheeses

Which wines to pair with desserts

Serving wine and managing your wine cellar

Module 1 – Proper Wine Service

At what temperature to serve wine and how temperature influences the tasting experience

How to decant or aerate wine (and when a wine needs to be decanted)

Choosing the right glass for each type of wine

Module 2 – Managing Your Wine Cellar and Ageing Your Wines

How to preserve an opened bottle of wine

Tips for ageing wines properly in a cellar

Advice on organising and managing your wine cellar

The content is very clear, transparent, accessible, and straight to the point. Progressions can be felt from course to course. Perfect for beginners.
— Jean-Baptiste P.
A huge congratulations for the work done to help us learn about the world of wine. Very well done. I highly recommend it 100%
— Thomas G.
I am absolutely delighted with the classes. They are clear, precise, concise, high-quality, and presented in an enjoyable manner. The delivery is melodic and pleasant. In short: I LOVE it and I absolutely recommend it.
— Delphine D.
The classes are very engaging, concise, and in-depth at the same time. They cover the fundamentals as well as the slightly more technical aspects of oenology. The content is visually appealing and pleasing to the eyes and ears. Thank you.
— Fiona B.
Very friendly and incredibly effective for deepening one's knowledge in this vast field
— Marc K.
I am currently taking a course on Vino Lovers. It's truly excellent, with clear explanations and detailed training. I highly recommend it, 100%
— Anthony M.